Work English

Tell us what you need and we will provide you with the most widely-used and appropriate language. 

Prepare and practise before meetings, conf call and  presentations.


Some Examples

On the telephone

Make and change arrangements.

Ask for clarification/repetition

Take and leave a message

Check and confirm information


Meetings and

Conference Calls

Ask for and state opinions and preferences

Disagree diplomatically

Interrupt and prevent interruption

Control the direction of a meeting


Business Socialising

and Travel

Welcome and introduce clients and colleagues

Have a conversation about everyday topics

Make travel arrangements

Order in a restaurant


Make, accept or reject proposals

Use persuasive and/or tentative language

Be aware of - and use - negotiating tactics

Compromise and reach agreement


Give a clear and well-structured presentation

Hold the audience's attention

Add impact to your presentation

Make effective presentation slides

Emails and Reports

Use correct email openings and closings

Follow up previous emails

Distinguish between formal, neutral and informal writing styles

Write clear and coherent reports

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