What People say about us

"Philippa was my English teacher for a couple of years some time ago, and it was a great experience. The way she teaches is wonderful. She is able to mix fun and grammar, laugh ​and homework correction in an impressive way. I was able to get a FCE certificate with her help, and this is very good considering my language level before the course 😉 I strongly recommend Philippa for your English lessons!"​​​​

Chiara R.


"Penny is a great teacher always willing to go the extra mile such as when preparing the next class. She more or less lets the student decide on the pace and the contents of the course which makes the student feel good after each lesson. Thanks to Penny both my wife and I passed the famous IELTS test without difficulties and we are still very grateful towards her."

J Van Damme,


"We have found with you an excellent teacher and a positive person able to give us a new approach to English language. For the first time in my life it semed that something was changing. It seemed that I was begining to think in English. It was a nice sensation."

Daniele Azzerelli,


"I did know some basic English but thanks to Penny, I can speak and write fluently. She gave me my self-confidence back. Thanks to you, I succeeded to pass my exam. Cheers."

Annalies C.,


"In my opinion English@Holme is a right way to have English improvement for every level. I think this is a very good opportunity if you need to improve your English for business, for school or only for you. EAH has a very professional staff that can help you whatever are your needs. Philippa & Penny offer you many possibilities to organise the lesson and focus on the topics that you are interested in."

Elena C.


"English@Holme is the right school if you need to prepare an interview, an important exam or if you need to write your CV or build your professional profile in the internet, or if you just need to improve your english! The lessons via Skype or g+ are perfect and you can have your lessons @ your home whenever you prefer!

The staff is very expert and qualified and if you need them they will help you as soon as they can, via phone or e-mail! Philippa and Penny are great! Thank you very much for your help!"


Raffaella M.,

Cascina (PI)

"Unlike other lessons via Skype I've tried, these are real lessons and not only chats: Philippa maintains a Google document with the lesson feedback and she sends a MP3 with the pronunciation."

Stefania M.,